Crunching The Numbers on QUMI Makes Us Feel Crunch… – (QUMI) (FISH) (ENJOY)

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We wanted to get a bit deeper into the Actuality behind what makes us so excited about the future for QUMI We wanted to start with the universal language. Numbers.

QUMI ` s numbers are rather riveting for a play priced at just .38.

From their latest PR, QUMI has the following to say regarding recent developments that makes QUMI both extremely popular and extensively profitable.

___________________________________________________________________________ DataJack will deliver nationwide Mobile Broadband services through ProutyCo`s extensive network of over 100,000 carriers, service providers, strategic partners and retail locations across the U.S.

___________________________________________________________________________ We are also a big fan of what the CEO thinks of the future for QUMI _______________________________________________________________________ “A strong, favorable response from our Agents, Merchants and Strategic Partners has prompted us to step-up our orders for DataJack broadband devices, and has led to the development of complementary products and services to enhance our offering further. We are currently enabling a wide variety of additional features, and have already seen increased demand for broadband and related services throughout our distribution channel. Plan pricing and low-cost devices have been instrumental in driving the program. We are firmly committed to deployment of DataJack`s products and services, and have endeavors in-place both domestically and internationally to capitalize on this growing segment of the economy,” _______________________________________________________________________ And…here`s the best part…The company that QUMI is doing business with is a BIG FISH! _______________________________________________________________________ About: Prouty Company is a global provider of financial and telecommunication products and services supporting over 100,000 retailers and strategic partners worldwide. Two of ProutyCo`s divisions have revenues that exceed $1B annually (

___________________________________________________________________________ And to think…This is all in addition to this chart, here, which got us incredibly excited in our initial report, which can be found in full color, 2HERE So not only has QUMI been adding major products to their line…

So not only does QUMI have a chart screaming bounce, but QUMI has some HUGE talks with some HUGE partners that are doing more business that most companies in the world! ENJOY QUMI AG 2012 TrackRecord Current Month: April HDSI – 53% on an amazing bounce call! BRZV – 13% in intraday, simplistic, standard gains.

TRON – 20% Seems to just be getting started.

GRNE – 40% Opened at .0005 and hit a high of .0007 _______________________________________________________________________ March: Gives 196% in Total Gains. 3Proof February: Gives 627% In Total Gains. 4Proof January: Gives 285% In Total Gains. 5Proof References 1. Investor Central

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