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Greetings all. Hope your week was swell! Here`s how we look at newsletter performance. If there is a strong period of major gains, then just like a healthy stock, there should be a period of consolidation or even a little dip in performance. We are of the opinion that we just finished this consolidations period (our initial strong period is more than obvious). Now, we are ready for “the next leg up” and are ready to do it all over again. The lulling period is over. Our more recent alerts have really only been marginal gainers. We are looking for more home-runs like the alerts that have littered this month thus far, as you can see in our track-record below.

We`re ready.

Why are we so confident Because we found this company.

A company so impressive, even at face value, that we are almost honored to be bringing it to the table.

It`s companies like these that inspired us to start Actual Gains! These kind of companies are rare to find in penny land, and the lack of constant trading in this one shows us that not enough traders know about what it is to be uncovered here.

We feel like we will be lifting the veil off of this company and it could only be a matter of time before heads start turning.

To get a little deeper, TONIGHT we will be revealing a new company that has been aggressively expanding for the past 2 months.

The have inked deals with SEVERAL Fortune 500 companies and are on pace to eclipse $5MIL in sales for 2012! This company offers software and consulting among other services in the HOT and ever-necessary business components of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

This is only half the story! We all know how quickly successful companies with that many sales can see their stocks soar, especially when their Market Caps are so small, like this one! That`s right. Immensely Actual. We`re talking HUGE deals. And…it`s cheap! We know you probably can hardly wait, so we`ll be getting this amazing report out to you TONIGHT!.

AG 2012 TrackRecord Current Month: April GCLL and CLNO – 0% Relatively flat on the day, but some intraday gains were possible.

WBSI – 12% in rally potential SUFF 27% Hardly able to trade. Big spread. Big mess. we admit defeat.

RSRS – 16% and counting GOSY – 10% (really 20% from open to HOD, but that rip led to an eventual dip) RDSH – -5% on just a badly traded day…

DHSM – 30% on a perfect news based alert QUMI -29% on just the first day! HDSI – 100% on an amazing bounce call! BRZV – 13% in intraday, simplistic, standard gains.

TRON – 20% Seems to just be getting started.

GRNE – 40% Opened at .0005 and hit a high of .0007 _______________________________________________________________________ March: Gives 196% in Total Gains. [1]Proof February: Gives 627% In Total Gains. [2]Proof January: Gives 285% In Total Gains. [3]Proof References 1. 2. 3. This message was sent to from:

Actual Investments, LLC | Financial District | New York, NY 10011

See ActualGains’s website for full disclaimer. ActualGains may have received compensation for stock picks.

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